Caribe Tankers chartered the M/T TRADEWIND UNION 10,500 dwt IMO II, 2003 blt/St Steel from TRADEWIND TANKERS in Oct 2009 to operate her with local high grade chemicals and has achieved so far a stable employment charted by traders and major producers. In November 2009 Caribe Tankers chartered the M/T URSULA a 2008 blt, IMO II coated simple chemical tanker that with owners creative support transformed it to a full chemical carrier operating between the USG and ECMEX with continual business.


In January 2010 Caribe Tankers chartered the M/T RUTH SCHULTE and M/T FRANZ SCHULTE 13,000 dwt IMO II to expand the trade in the Caribs and Mexico. Below you will find the current operating fleet with each vessel’s individual Q88 (details linked) and history of chartered vessels.

From 2010 and during the following years, Caribe worked closely with Bergshav Ship-management of Norway and had under long term charter the M/T BERNORA and M/T BERTINA along with other vessels supplied by Mearsk, Chemnav of Greece, NGM, and DVB BANK.

2015 * A MILESTONE *

In late 2015 following the long term goal and growing trust by its customers, Caribe Tankers Ltd successfully concluded the acquisition of three modern IMO II Chemical Tankers to support the company’s expectations with established tonnage. The vessels have been renamed to M/T Caribe Maria, M/T Caribe Ilse and M/T Caribe Cristina.


In late 2016, Caribe Tankers Ltd successfully concluded the acquisition of two additional modern IMO II Chemical Tankers. The vessels have been renamed to M/T Caribe Angela and M/T Caribe Rosa.

Over the past years Caribe Tankers has established a number of long term contractual freight agreements with its business partners (CoA’s) and is currently in discussions to expand the portfolio adapting to the local demands.

References for Caribe Tankers can be obtained from the owners of the aforementioned vessels. Banking references can be obtained by Wells Fargo Bank as well as local service providers whom with Caribe Tankers has signed contractual agreements of service.

While the business model is simple, Caribe Tankers maintains an internal quality system which is continually updated according to the business demands.

If any additional information is needed please do not hesitate to contact us.






2006BLT // 13150DWT IMO II // EPOXY